Valle Oriente – The Ideal place to rent offices in Monterrey

Posted on Sep 27, 2013 in Articles

Valle Oriente has established itself as the preferred area for rent of offices in Monterrey , accounting for 45 % of branches A and A + in the city. Corporate spaces in this area have panoramic views, low maintenance costs and high security systems technology.

The buildings of the business corridor Valle Oriente are most appreciated for rent offices in Monterrey , for hosting corporate and smart office spaces quality and are ideal for companies project an image of economic prosperity and professionalism.

The Valle Oriente corridor , ideal for office rental in Monterrey

Since the 90s the Valle Oriente area has been chosen to develop a variety of corporate spaces and buildings to smart front offices , as these buildings are located in the financial heart of the city, being the best for the income offices in Monterrey.

On the other hand , focuses on Valle Oriente about 45% of offices offers categories A and A + in the city . Predominate this type of corporate buildings , because there is no big price difference between the spaces of category B , the A and A + . In addition, owners and managers of companies seeking spaces for rent offices in Monterrey that offer comfort and safety possible.

Characteristics of office buildings for rent in Monterrey Valle Oriente

Ivonne Torres, specialist broker LEMAN CORE corporate spaces , explains how the buildings in this area: ” The Valle Oriente buildings are some of the best houses for rent office in Monterrey. They are located in an area with quick access to the main avenues of the city, and it is surrounded by upscale restaurants, financial services , five star hotels . “

Then Torres explains what are the physical characteristics of these buildings when looking to rent offices in Monterrey. “Most of these buildings are over 10 floors, so they have very beautiful views.” The broker explained that the Valle Oriente buildings offer competitive prices for rent of offices in Monterrey. ” Diamond Tower , for example , was built with quality materials and finishes. So it has very low maintenance costs.” Torres notes that they were designed for intelligent office buildings . ” The buildings often have a room with telepresence equipment and have water-saving systems and energy. They also have last generation security systems. “