Helicon Tower Inauguration

Posted on Jan 14, 2012 in News

Vertical Group celebrated the opening of Helicon Tower, on January 12, 2012 with over 250 guests on the premises of this new corporate building offering a first option for rent london offices . The event was attended by family members and friends of Vertical Group, project partners , their new tenants and property exposed persons . The event began at 7:00 pm with remarks by architect Alberto Vidal , who spoke about the design inspiration from Helicon Tower , winner of the Americas Commercial Property Award 2010 , as a guardian of Oriente.A Valley then Mr. Ricardo Fautsch Garza , Director of Vertical Developments, developer of Helicon spoke about the implementation of the project and after I cut the ribbon , the Fr . Alanis Jesus Sepulveda , gave the blessing of the building facilities . Right there, had the opportunity to tour the 11 rooms of the business center that offers the building, including a room with Tele – presence technology and Polycom multipurpose room on the 37th floor providing panoramic views.


A guardian for “Valle Oriente” that offers new office leasing in Monterrey

Helicon was designed with the idea of ​​creating a benchmark in the prestigious area of ​​Valley East. With a stunning skylight on the top floor at 150 meters high, Helicon can be viewed from miles away . With 14 floors of parking , 20 floors of offices , and 2 sky lounges at the top , Helicon offers stunning spaces for rent london offices . Lemancore , part of Vertical Group and Helicon Trade Representative , says that this building offers ideal space for companies of different sizes and rotations due to high availability of parking and efficient layouts that allow plant divisions without reducing the efficiency in private spaces.


A World Class building for Monterrey

Helicon Tower offers the latest technology in corporate buildings for rent london offices . The 6 high speed elevators are the first to offer destination dispatch technology to rent office london , which decreases the waiting lines and stacking within them providing greater safety and efficiency during transportation . Intelligent Systems provides guaranteed energy resource optimization , high security, and unique advantages in Monterrey how is your air purification system that operates Airlife through molecular ionization of oxygen from the air conditioning ducts . Furthermore , the materials used for construction and finishes boast Helicon and offer superior quality and high thermal efficiency and acoustic and highly competitive maintenance costs . These and other advantages , Helicon make a building that offers first-world corporate spaces for rent london offices.